What an amazing week in football. Manchester City wins back to back Premier League titles after being pushed all the way by Liverpool, and a week in which four English premier league clubs have won the right to contest both the Champions League and Europa Cup. A first in History. For fans though the joy of qualifying for a place in the final of one these trophies comes with its challenges. Principally, how to get to watch the game? The Champions League final, to be played in Madrid on 1st June, is 1200 miles away. Both Liverpool and Tottenham fans are frantically trying to plan their journey. That doesn’t sound too challenging. Madrid is just 2 hours away by plane with regular daily services. However, tickets have been snapped up and prices are escalating fast. A quick look on Skyscanner puts flights anywhere from £600 to £1500 and basic rooms on Airbnb start at £800 per night.  Arsenal and Chelsea have an even greater challenge. How to get to Baku in Azerbaijan? It’s no less than 2800 miles away. With a 70,000 seater stadium there’s room for lots of fans but only 12,000 Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be lucky enough to get tickets. To get there they’ll need to board 30 jumbo jets and fly for 5.5 hours. If only there was a direct flight!! Once there, food and accommodation prices are likely to soar.

So with few options left fans are turning to the good old fashioned coach to get them there. Although only the hard core fans will attempt the 3 day drive to Azerbaijan, it’s a real and sensible option for Madrid. And fans are racing to book up coaches. Its just 24 hours door to door and with the right executive coach you can enjoy television and gaming en-route, relax in air-conditioned cabins and reclining seats to rest when needed. With prices for accommodation and flights soaring the coach provides a super competitive price and plan your journey times correctly and you can even travel back overnight and avoid the need to accommodation at all. Want to watch the game, don’t get a flight, get a gogutsi 16 seat executive minibus. For return transfers from £400 call us now. Be quick.