How will Brexit affect wine prices and should I stock up now? It’s currently impossible to say what will happen to the price of wine post Brexit. In fact it’s impossible to predict what will happen with anything post Brexit or indeed whether we even have a Brexit! However, one thing for sure is that the price of good wine in Calais is as much as 35% cheaper than in the UK high street. Trust us! So it always makes perfect sense to go to Calais and indulge. Are you planning a party, wedding, corporate function or just stocking up for the summer.

A day trip to Calais is one of the things our gogutsi drivers like best. With Channel Tunnel Crossings every 20 minutes you can get from London to Folkestone in less than two hours. Grab a coffee and in 35 minutes your in Calais. Spend an hour in Majestic. Sample a view new wines and pick your old favourites and then grab lunch at our favourite restaurant Histoire Ancienne in rue Royale. And the great thing is that our Executive Mercedes Sprinters have huge luggage space, over 3.5 sqm. And that’s enough to put 1600 bottles of wine. The price for an 8 hour trip to Calais for you and 15 friends is just £480. That’s just £30 per head. Enough Said.