I stumbled across this amazing photo a couple of days ago. A huge Humpback whale breaches feet from the rear of the smaller fishing boat enjoying a simple afternoon salmon fishing in Monterey Bay in California. Wow. Seeing that must have been amazing if not totally terrifying and it made me think. What’s the chance of that happening in a gogutsi coach. Well zero to be honest.

Although we have an International Public Service Vehicle Operating Licence and we can travel all over Europe we can’t get to Monterrey in the USA. Whilst you can book our minibuses to travel to one of thousands of amazing European wonders such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle or The Eiffel Tower,  the only chance of seeing a humpback whale is off the coast of the Hebrides or the Scilly Isles. You can book one of our amazing luxury 16 seat minibuses to either destinations for just £60 an hour. Just take care of the ferry and accommodation and we’ll take care of you.