Service Overview and Conditions of Carriage

The Battersea Power Station Shuttle Bus is a free shuttle bus available to all residents, employees, contractors and visitors to the estate. It is funded by the Battersea Power Station Development Company who as part of the estates planning consent has made a commitment to improve bus services in and around the estate. It is a Public Service Vehicle Shuttle, operated by Green Urban Transport Limited (GoGutsi). The service is regulated by Transport for London who approve the route, timetable and bus stops in accordance with an authorised London Service Permit.


The service operates every 20 minutes, departing on the hour, 20 minutes past the hour and 40 minutes past the hour from Circus West. It follows a circular loop from Circus West stopping at Vauxhall, Pimlico, Victoria and Sloane Square before returning to Circus West.


In accordance with the London Service Permit, the service can only collect and drop passengers at the following bus stops as set out in the timetable below.


A full copy of the timetable can be downloaded here.


Each vehicle can carry a maximum of 16 passengers who can board the vehicle on a first come first serve basis. We can neither guarantee to provide a seat or carry you on a particular service. Passengers must be seated at all times and wear a seatbelt.


Smoking cigarettes, smoking electronic cigarettes or drinking alcohol are not permitted on the service.


The vehicles are also designed to accommodate a reasonable amount of luggage and cycles. Passengers will be responsible for loading their own luggage and will be responsible for its content and security. Luggage including folding buggies and bicycles must not be kept on seats or in the aisles. You must not carry items which you are unable to carry yourself, are more than 2 metres long, are hazardous or inflammable or are likely to cause injury to a person or property. The driver will assist with luggage at Circus West if requested but will not be able to leave the vehicle to remove luggage at any of the public bus stops number 3 to 7 inclusive.


Children under the age 8 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. Well behaved dogs and guide dogs are welcome on the vehicles provided these are on a leash and under control or in a suitable container at all times.


We operate accessible buses on selected services with wheelchair access, suitable for carrying one wheelchair. We are unable to accept mobility scooters. Wheelchair users have priority over everybody else for the use of the wheelchair space, since it is the only space where they can travel safely. It is recommended that passengers requiring access notify the operator (Green Urban Transport) in advance to pre-book driver assistance (details below). It is advised that passengers wishing to use this service arrive at least 5 minutes before departure time so that the lift can be operated and passengers boarded without delaying the service.


The timetable is designed to ensure that under normal traffic conditions the service will always run to schedule and allow for vehicles to be in position at Circus West 5 minutes before the agreed departure time. However, in the event that services are delayed due to major traffic congestions, disruptions and delays, or should it be necessary to suspend the service due to road closures, we will notify the Battersea Power Station Concierge Service and Estates Team immediately.


The service will only stop at the bus stops listed in the timetable. These stops have been authorised by Transport for London.  They cannot collect or drop off by the side or the road or at any other bus stop. They will not stop should passengers try to flag them down on the Estate (Pump House Lane) or on any of the public roads. Once a vehicle has departed from a bus stop, it will not stop until the next bus stop.


The buses may not stop at the bus stops numbered 2 to 7 inclusive if there are no passengers waiting at the stop or passengers wishing to alight the vehicle. This is best practice for London Buses so as not to congest bus stops on public roads unnecessarily.


When there are passengers on the bus, the driver will stop at every bus stop, providing passengers with the opportunity to alight.  The driver will announce the Stop, wait one minute and depart. Should a passenger fail to alight at their chosen stop and the vehicle departs, the driver will not stop until the next approved bus stop, where the passenger may alight.


For your safety and for that of the driver, the vehicles are fitted with CCTV, which record external images of the front, rear and side of the vehicle and of the driver. Some buses may also make use of audio recordings and there will be signage in the vehicle if this is the case. CCTV footage and audio recordings are held confidentially and in accordance with the Operator’s privacy policy. CCTV images are recorded for the purpose of crime prevention, detection and public safety and where held footages of offences may be passed to the police should it be necessary to investigate a criminalincident or road traffic offence.


The Operator will respond to any customer complaints in writing within 24 hours. Where it is unable to investigate an incident fully in this timescale, it will offer alternative timescales. Any queries or complaints should be made in writing to the operator (details below).


Abusive behaviour towards any of our staff will not be tolerated and offenders risk being barred from the service. Any passenger found causing damage to the vehicle or our properly with be liable for its repair and replacement and if necessary will be subject to criminal prosecution.


We reserve the right to refuse passengers from travelling on the service who are unwilling to adhere to our safety and operational policies. We will not tolerate offences or threatening behaviour including the use of foul language.


Operating Notes

All vehicles used on the service will be fitted with GPRS vehicle tracking and driver performance telemetrics measuring speed and driving style. Vehicle tracking reports and driving styles reports (speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering) will be provided to as necessary to investigate and incident or complaint.


Any lost property found on the vehicle will be returned to Battersea Power Station security office. If you find lost property please hand it to the driver.


The Operator will record the departure times on a daily basis and record passenger numbers on each vehicle. This information will be made available to the Battersea Power Station Estate Management Team on request. Data will be provided for a minimum period of one month.


Where drivers need to take comfort or rest breaks, the vehicles will be parked at the Pump House Lane Bus Stop and drivers will use the facilities in the Security Office at the gate. Regular drivers will also be issued with Battersea access cards enabling them to access the shower and rest room/canteen facilities on site.


Drivers and employees of the Operator wishing to drive by personal car to the estate may park their vehicles at their own cost in the public car park beneath Circus West. Motorcycles may be parked free of charge in the public car park. Drivers will not be allowed to park in any other location on the estate without prior written permission.


In the event of an incident and or road accident, the Operator will complete an incident report form within 24 hours for insurance purposes. This will be made available as required and on request to Battersea Power Station Estate Management Team, insurance companies and third parties such as traffic police, Transport for London and Wandsworth Council.


The vehicles will remain fully insured at all times and the Operator will maintain £10million Public and Employer Liability insurance at all times. It will also maintain a valid Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Operators Licence and notify the Battersea Power Station Estate Management Team immediately should there be any material amendments to its Operating Licence or if it is revoked.


The Operator will tax, service and maintain the vehicles in accordance with its licence from the Transport Commissioner which will involve vehicles being removed from service every 8 weeks for third party inspection. As and when vehicles are removed for inspection the Operator will replace with another vehicle in its fleet of equivalent specification (excluding wheelchair accessible vehicles as these are operated exclusively for Battersea Power Station Development and are therefore limited in numbers.


All drivers will have the required vehicle Driving Licence for the vehicles (category D or D1) and valid Certificate of Professional Competence. The service will be operated under GB Domestic Driver Regulations.


Remember to record all times and passengers numbers for each shift and send these to

You will be required to record the timings of each run to ensure you remain on time and to monitor the reliability of the service. A copy of the timetable with blanks to complete your actual can be downloaded here.

You will be required to wear a professional attire at all times. This includes dark suit, white shirt, tie and black polished shoes. For information on the uniform please contact the office on 0208 845 6911.