13 seat exterior (s)


to London's leading chauffeur and commuting service

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stunning interiors

with conference tables, reclining leather seats, TV and DVD, electric charging points and wifi


superior vehicles

the latest Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi Bluetec

unrivalled customer service

specially tailored to meet your requirements

a brand built on luxury and superb customer care and service

spacious, warm and comfortable

a tranquil environment designed to help you work and relax
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stunning interiors

with conference tables, reclining leather seats, TV and DVD, electric charging points and wifi


board room or board games?

beautiful yet discrete and understated


a touch of class

everything you expect from a Mercedes Limousine


your own personal cabin

London's leading chauffeur and commuting service

marque of distinction

London's largest corporate fleet of Mercedes mini-coaches
spacious and practical

alongside cabin refinements comes vast space and practical storage for all your luggage

attention to detail

personal climate control, lighting and audio controls



Luxury Minibus London

The only way to commute to work in London GUTSi Express Commuting is the fastest, most comfortable and reliable way to commute to work, providing  an executive door to door service from just £149 per month, cutting journey times by up to 50% and eliminating the daily grind of getting to work. GUTSi makes commuting a stress free and positive part of your day. You only have to try GUTSi once to know that it is the smartest way to get to work. GUTSi enhances your life and gives you back precious time to boost personal and work performance. GUTSi, the first express Works Bus Service Operator in London, was launched in 2010.

Government supported and HMRC approved, GUTSi operates one of London’s largest fleets of small executive shuttle buses, operating services every day for hundreds of London based commuters. Its unique Commuter Network is designed to make commuting from home to the work place more affordable, comfortable and environmentally sustainable. London’s commuters can now travel to work in luxurious  shuttle buses, each equipped with spacious cabins, leather reclining seating, conference tables, and equipped to the highest standards offering free wifi, daily papers and digital television. As a shared Works Bus, the service is tax efficient and employees can exchange part of their salary and use this benefit free from Income Tax and National Insurance. This offers huge financial benefits to both employer and employee, and can offer savings of over 50%, with a single journey costing from as little as £4.25.

A number of London’s leading financial institutions are already offering the service to their employees including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tysers, Liberum Capital, Mathesons, Cenkos, Knight Capital, Tibra and Arrowgrass to name but a few. GUTSi express commuting shuttles currently operate from all over West London to the City and Canary Wharf, departing from Hammersmith, Fulham, Chelsea, Kensington, Wandsworth, Putney, Notting Hill and Battersea to name but a few, with new routes being added all the time.


GUTSi will develop new services in direct response to demand and will add new routes whenever there is a sufficient number of passengers. Interested commuters simply need to register below with their preferred travel times and collection locations and GUTSi will intelligently collectivise passengers onto the fastest, most efficient and direct service. We then liaise with the employer to incorporate the scheme within their flexible benefit package which is a simple process with no HMRC reporting requirement. Once a suitable service has been identified passengers are invited to trial the service free of charge for two days, and after that it’s a simple process of instructing the salary sacrifice amendment so that the employee can benefit from tax free commuting. Transparent zonal pricing means you’ll know exactly how much a single or return journey costs and how much you save in exchange for salary sacrifice. Once signed up you’ll be able to freely book on and off services using GUTSi’s real time booking platform, accessible from both a desktop computer or smartphone. To join the service, simply speak to one of our team: Tel: +44 844 809 9335 Email: info@gogutsi.com or click here to register your details and we’ll contact you to arrange a trial. If your an existing user and you wish to log in and book your seats click here

Commuting FAQ’s

How do I register for a trial on GUTSi? Registering couldn’t be easier.

Simply click this link and fill in your essential details and we arrange an immediate trial. Or just call our team on 0844 809 9335.

Where will my GUTSi shuttle meet me?


As GUTSi has access to all the bus lanes, for safety purposes most pickups will be at existing bus stops along the route. If you live in a more residential district you may be asked to wait at a layby or driveway. When you arrange your trial, your GUTSi Rep will make sure you know exactly where to meet your service.

Are the times the same every day?


You will choose a pick up point and time which will be the same every day.  All of our services are scheduled to arrive at the City or Canary Wharf at set times. In the event of planned roadworks or disruptions we may bring times forward to ensure you arrive on time.

Is it possible to alternate between services?


At GUTSi we understand that you will sometimes require a more flexible service to help you make that earlier meeting or utilise a late office start. All commuters can be autobooked onto their chosen service allowing us to guarantee a seat each morning. You can use the online booking platform to change your booking (to an earlier or a later service) subject to availability.

What happens if I am late, will my shuttle wait for me?


GUTSi prides itself in being a fast, efficient and direct service: we leave on time or early! As a courtesy to all on board we ask all commuters arrive at their pickup 1 minute before departure to guarantee a prompt service.

Will I have the same driver every day?


Each route has an allocated GUTSi Driver, so you can expect the same driver each day. In the event of an absence or illness our Backup Driver will be allocated your route. On joining GUTSi you will be given the numbers for your Chauffeur and GUTSi Supervisor so that you can contact them if needs be.

Using GUTSi … I occasionally travel on weekends, can I bring luggage on board?


GUTSi services are well equipped to carry luggage on board, from small bags to larger suitcases. Please contact the office to organise which days you shall be bringing luggage so that your driver will be there to assist you.You will be asked to arrive 2 minutes early to ensure a quick and efficient “pitstop”.

I would like to cycle back from work, is that possible with GUTSi?


GUTSi wants to encourage all of its commuters to be green and healthy. Specific routes are part of our “Bring Your Bike to Worek Scheme”. On these routes bikes can be stored in the back of the vehicle, so that you can cycle to or from work.

How accessible are your vehicles?


I have an injury but am unsure whether I can travel? GUTSi Shuttles are an effective travel solution for those with injuries or disabilities. With GUTSi you won’t have crowded services or escalators to climb. You will always have a chauffeur to help you aboard and assist with your journey. Although our vehicles are not wheelchair accessible, wheelchairs and crutches can easily be stored in the back of the shuttle. Joining GUTSi…

Can I pay for GUTSi on a daily basis?


If I go on holiday, what happens? GUTSi only offers a monthly Morning or Return Membership. We do not tailor membership depending on attendance.

What happens if my bus is late?


GUTSi operates an extremely effective service with 98% of services running on time. That being said, on the rare occasion that it is necessary to suspend or cancel a service we will endeavour to notify all passengers booked on the service with as much notice as possible. Unfortunately GUTSi can not be held responsible for delays as a result of traffic congestion, road closures or accidents and will be unable to notify passengers who intend to use a service but who have not booked a seat.

How do you know when I’ll be using the service?


GUTSi has an intuitive online booking system which can be used on your computer, ipad or smart phone.  When you book on, details of your booking are sent directly to the drivers PDA system so he know your travelling, your collection and drop address and contact details. Its imperative you book on so we can instruct the driver and also notify you should any last minute changes be necessary.

How much notice do I need to give to leave the service?


We require 1 full calander months written notice to leave the service  which can be sent to info@gogutsi.com