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15 Apr Are Drones The Future Of Commuting?

It’s clear that commuters have had enough of travelling to work by traditional means – you can see it in the rising levels of executive coach hire in London alone – but could they soon take to the skies in London to avoid the rush hour crush?

According to The Mirror, the first flight of a manned drone could well be the signal that London’s skies could soon be far more accessible to commuters. The German-designed Volocopter VC200 has been given air clearance by the civil aviation authority after a successful maiden flight. The ‘multicopter’, which can fit two passengers and is controlled by a single joystick, might just make the convenience of a helicopter open to more people than the super-rich.

Eco-friendly and even eerily quiet compared to a traditional helicopter, the design has many rotor blades, meaning it’s very unlikely to crash if one should fail. The design is thought to actually be incredibly safe, as lack of mechanical parts means less should have the possibility of going wrong.

However, while the drone may be the future of commuting one day – it’s still out of reach of the everyday commuter as it stands. When the Volocopter VC200 goes on sale, it’ll come with a big old price tag of £240,000.

Also the battery life only stands at half an hour currently, it’s not for long distance travelling.

The Mirror also reports that other firms are competing to create similar ‘personal drones’ some of which will be automatic ‘air taxis’.

But for now, your best option for beating the public transport blues is still executive minibus hire!

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