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16 Mar Can’t Get A Seat? Commute In Style Instead

If you’re a commuter in London, no doubt you’ll have some horror stories of your daily journey, whether it’s bus, train or tube you take to work – but have you ever considered swapping it all in for the best executive coach hire London has to offer instead?

When spending a large proportion of your time and money on your monthly travels, you’d at least expect to be able to sit down – however, with one man’s troublesome commute splashed all over the front page of the tabloid newspapers this week, we know that’s just not the case.

The unnamed man, who has been travelling to and from London five days a week for almost 20 years, according to The Sun, had his picture go viral this week after being snapped sitting in the cleaner’s cupboard. Having found this little spot a while back, he used it regularly when unable to find a seat on the train, choosing to sit next to a mop and bucket rather than stand up for the whole journey.

Train staff have now reprimanded him for sitting there and told him not to do so again, despite the fact that he pays £6,000 a year for his ticket.

And overcrowding isn’t the only problem commuters face. Delays, rising ticket prices and even having to deal with anti-social behaviour on public transport is making it a less and less attractive option for commuters. There’s no wonder more and more people are opting for a seat, calm and quiet by commuting by executive coach each day.

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