07 Apr Where To Live For A Good London Commute

Living and working in London is fast becoming a pipe dream for a lot of people, thanks to skyrocketing house prices in the capital. People are increasingly being priced out of the city, which means they’re faced with a series of unattractive prospects, such as downsizing to a less desirable area or moving to another city and a new job altogether.

However, you could move to a commuter town so that you can afford a nice family house and still keep your job in London. But where to move to? Basildon in Essex is one of the most affordable commuter towns for those keen to work in London, taking about half an hour on the train to get into the city.

Again, just a half hour outside of London, you could consider moving to Luton or Harlow. Alternatively, you could consider Braintree, Gravesend or Crawley, all of which will allow you to keep your job and still enjoy what London has to offer, even if you decide that it’s not feasible to live in the capital any more.

All of these places are accessible by train but you’ll still have to fight your way to the office through hordes of other people on your commute. If you want to travel in style and luxury, London executive coach hire is really the only option. You’ll be able to relax on your way to work in serious comfort, with all the latest mod-cons available at your disposal.

If you want to, you can even get a lot of work done on the drive to the office – and you can make it more affordable and more eco-friendly if you ask your colleagues if it’s something they might like to sign up to as well.

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