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20 Apr Brits Waste Two Days A Year Waiting At Red Lights

When travelling to and from work, any spare minute is valuable, so many people are sure to feel bitter when they hear they spend an average of two days a year waiting at traffic lights.

Recent research from could be enough to encourage more drivers to hang up their keys and opt for an arrangement to share a lift in a London executive minibus to and from work with their colleagues, to avoid having to wait patiently for the lights to change.

Findings revealed Brits spend eight minutes a day behind red lights, which accounts for 18 per cent of the time they are on the road, and 48.5 hours per year.

This could be even more as 15 per cent of drivers think they spend between 11 and 15 minutes a day at traffic lights.

Matt Lloyd, motoring expert at, stated that while it is “frustrating” for motorists, traffic lights are needed for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

However, he did agree: “On some days, it can seem these lights are against you and it can feel like the wait is longer than normal.”

Brits may have found themselves spending more time waiting for the lights to change than they did a few years ago, as the Freedom of Information data revealed there are 33,800 traffic lights in the country. This is a 23 per cent rise since 2013, with the highest proportion being in London (6,297).

As the price comparison site found 29 per cent of people have driven through a red light, with a third admitting they do so on purpose, drivers could take fewer risks by opting to be a passenger instead. By hopping into a coach, motorists can spend their commute catching up on work or enjoying some rest time before they walk into the office.

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