23 Mar 5 Of The Best Apps To Ease Your Commute

Whether you get a London luxury coach to work or opt for bus, tube, train or bike, the journey can still be a trial when you do it day in, day out, especially if you live quite far away from work and feel as though you’re always on some mode of public transport or other. Here are five apps that might help make your commute a bit easier next week.


If you’re driving, Waze is the perfect app for you. It’s a traffic app that shows you real-time road and traffic information, as well as petrol pump prices, maps and directions, all of which help to make that journey to and from the office a bit easier for all involved.


Should you decide to walk to the office, then Citymapper is an absolute must. It’s been named as Apple app of the year for two years in a row and will give you several options for reaching your end destination. It also works out walking time and calories so if you’re on a health kick, make sure you download this app.


Keep all that stress at bay by using the Headspace app to meditate on the go. You can organise your meditations into ten-minute sessions to do each day (which are accessible offline) which makes it very easy to do each day.

Just because you’re on your way to work doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. If you’ve got a long journey, it’s the best way to get things done. Make quick to-do lists using this app and you’ll never forget anything again. Swipe them off the screen to cross your jobs off.


One of the worst aspects of commuting to work and back is the level of noise from traffic, public transport and other people. You can drown it all out with the lovely sounds of rain, white noise and waves just at the touch of a button with this app.


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